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    USA Football Coach Certification - Closed

    Reminder, Coach registration is closed. if your Coaches could not find the time to get certified, they can't coach this season.   As a Director make sure that you and whoever you have assisting in being your Field Director, that NO coaches who have not been certified will be allowed on the sidelines with their teams. Make sure to check for credentials, if they don't have them they can not be on a Coaches sideline. If they argue and fight you on it, you can remove them, it is YOUR Field and you are simply enforcing League rules. Feel free to make the League the "Bad Guy" in this instance . If a Head Coach has not got his staff certified then they are not on the staff. We as an organization have promised our parents that their kids are being coached and taught the correct way to deal with the many situations that come up, such as concussions, heat stroke and proper tackling fundamentals. We can't allow a Coach who has not taken the training on the field. The only exceptions are we will allow CURRENT High School Football Coaches on your sidelines and to assist with practices.


    Important Upcoming Dates!

    Dates for this season are set, Schedules are not, this is to let you know when to schedule your summer vacations as not to miss any glorious football!!

    8th Grade Jamboree Friday night August 17

    4-7th grade Idaho Falls Jamboree Saturday August 18

    1st regular season game Saturday August 25

    1st Round of Playoffs Wednesday Oct. 10

    Second Round of Playoffs Tuesday Oct. 16

    Championship Day Saturday Oct. 20

    Coaches - Watch this and teach this!

    To ensure the safety of our players, we will be strictly enforcing these rules this season, please make sure ALL of your coaches watch this and are aware of this and are teaching it! Thanks!

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